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Green Day's new album iUno! - Review

2012-09-27 04:35:18 by erasmus027

Hey Newgrounds I've never really had anything to say here so I'm gonna do music and movie reviews because I love both

Finally got around to listening to iUno! and I was not disappointed, but not overly impressed either. The two best songs on the CD are Oh Love and Kill the DJ, with Troublemaker, Rusty James, and Sweet Sixteen being the only other noteworthy songs. Each of the mentioned songs have a unique sound to them and, in my mind, better represent where Green Day now is as a band, whereas all the other songs are mediocre at best, and just feel as if they are lacking something. I'm sure that I will find things to like about all the songs once I listen again.
On my second listen through, similar to my second impression of Linkin Park's album A Thousand Suns, I find myself enjoying the songs that I didn't like the first time around. Either way, this album has more good songs than bad, and is definitely worth picking up.


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2012-09-27 07:16:00

Oh Love is awesome